Man Hangs Onto Back Of Tow Truck As His Car Is Repossessed

A guy in California jumped onto the back of a tow truck that was used to repossess his car and bashed in the rear windows with a crowbar, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff`s Department.

The tow truck didn’t appear to immediately stop but actually looked like the driver may have sped up – whether it was intentional or not is unknown. The car’s owner was riding in the truck but decided to jump out and onto the back where his car was at and began hitting the tow truck’s rear window. It’s reported that the tow truck driver did have a work order to repossess the truck. And when the owner of the car ran outside to talk to the repo man, he was already leaving. So instead of calling the company or following in his car, the guy jumps on board. You can hear the front bumper of the car being dragged across the pavement as the truck continues to drive. You even see sparks flying at one point. The truck drove for miles with both the car and guy in tow. The couple that was recording the video tried to get the tow truck driver’s attention but were unsuccessful. Luckily the cops caught up and were able to put the madness to a stop.