Man Bought Chevy Truck 44 Years Ago For $75, Just Sold It To Previous Owner’s Grandson For $75

This Chevy truck is coming around full circle. After 44 years, a Minnesota man has parted ways with his beloved truck, but it went to a good home.

Bob Sportal made the tough call to hand over the keys to his ’57 Chevy pickup to a new owner. The best part is the new owner is the grandson of the man he bought the truck from.

“It’s served its purpose for me and it’s time for somebody else to get some enjoyment out of it,” the Prinsburg retiree said.

When he was in his early 20s, Bob purchased the truck from a retiring farmer for $75. The truck was used to get him to and from his job at a grain elevator. Now, 38 years later, Bob was still driving the same truck he bought for just $75 on his retirement day.

When Bob decided it was time to find the truck a new home, he sold it to Tom Leenstra, who is the grandson of the late John VanDerVeen who originally sold the truck to Bob 44 years ago.

“It’s like riding with my Grandpa again,” Tom said.

Both Bob’s wife, Kathy, and Tom had been bugging Bob to sell the truck for years.

“I usually hear it at least once a week, twice a week,” Bob said. “When are you going to get rid of it; we need the room in the garage.”

So, the truck was loaded on a trailer and headed to its new home with Tom, which made everyone happy. Although the truck took on antique value since Bob purchased it, he decided to sell it for what he paid for it.

“It’s what I paid for it, so that’s what I’m going to sell it for,” Bob said. “It’s going in the family, so that’s the most important thing.”

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