Maine Is Prohibiting the Use of “Vulgar” Custom License Plates

The state of Maine can be known for its harsh winters, but it won’t be having any harsh language on its license plates.

In a report by the Associated Press, Maine will begin recalling any vanity license plates it deems offensive, profane, or vulgar. Car owners began receiving recall letters in the mail this month, and the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles expects to complete the elimination process in a few months.

According to Maine’s Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, obscene language should not be seen on license plates because they are state property. “What I would say to those who want to engage in objectionable or questionable speech: Get a bumper sticker,” says Bellows.

The state’s new rules on vanity plates will prohibit any negative references regarding age, race, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, as well as profane or obscene language.

The vanity plates will be reviewed by a chosen committee, as well as complaints by the members of the general public.

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