Lyft Passenger Taken For Wild Ride When Driver Hits 120 MPH Running From Cops

There are times when you want your rideshare driver to get a move on it. But never do you want this to happen. A Lyft passenger was taken for the ride of a lifetime when the driver of the vehicle hit speeds of more than 120 miles per hour while driving a passenger in Union County, N.C. on Saturday night.

The passenger, who wants to remain anonymous, told local news WOSCTV, “I just heard his engine rev up and then, that’s when I pulled out my camera”.

While the ride reportedly started innocently enough, the driver began showing off what the V-8-powered sedan was capable of, blasting far above the area’s 55-mph speed limit and even a trooper.

The pursuing trooper said the Charger bobbed and weaved through traffic and even passing on a double-yellow line. The officer said he tried to keep up with the Hemi-powered sport sedan, but couldn’t. When the driver kept going, they even told the passenger, “You’re going to Charlotte with me”. Of course, the passenger was having no part of that so told the driver to drop him off at a gas station, where he called the police. Authorities tracked down the driver, who was charged with speeding and reckless driving and is no longer a driver for Lyft.

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