Luxury Cars Get Dramatically Demolished By Philippine Government

The Philippino President, Rodrigo Duterte, seemingly made a statement today by taking a bulldozer and backhoe an 20 impounded luxury cars. The lot included Porsches, Mercedes, Jaguars and Corvettes. It’s reported that the dramatic demolition was a display of the authoritarian leader’s crackdown on crime and corruption.

Try not to cringe as you watch, being that some of the cars were valued at at least $115,000 and were senselessly diminished to piles of scrap.

“Give it to the buyer of steel,” Duterte said, recalling his instruction to officials. “They cannot have cars like that. But they can get something, make toys out of it.”

Duterte is known for his bloody war on drugs and his overall disdain for criminals and has promised to bring a “golden age of infrastructure” over six years, worth $180 billion.

The Bureau of Customs seized $2.93 million worth of smuggled vehicles last year, part of the $866 million in seized goods, government data showed. The government last year destroyed more than $2.5 million worth of cigarettes bearing fake tax stamps.

Reference: ($1 = 51.4 pesos)