Lowrider Fail – Bumpers Fall Off!

This is sad!

A lot of lowriders at least have some sort of hydraulic system to raise the car enough to get over curbs to avoid a situation like this from happening. When you first start the video you see the front bumper has already been damaged, probably from attempting to drive over the curb before someone started recording. After slowly driving over the curb, the front bumper starts to come off, which prompts a spectator to completely remove it so the car can continue driving.

Well, removing the front bumper didn’t help much because when the car drives some more, the entire back bumper falls off. If your bumpers fall off THAT easy, something went wrong during the bodykit process. What an embarrassing fail! There seems to be a lot of car show fails out there but this one is one of the worst just because not 1 bumper but both bumpers fell off in the process. This is definitely a “lowrider fail” if there ever was a definition of such a thing.

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