Lowes Truck Runs Red Light, Causes Wild Crash!

When cars run red lights, bad things happen but when heavy TRUCKS run red lights, even worse things happen! It’s unfortunate that these things happen but they do and the kind of stuff seen in this video is the result. Thankfully everyone involved in this crash was ok but it had to be an extremely scary situation for everyone.

In the video, a typical intersection can be seen as cars are waiting to go while sitting at a red light. You can see up ahead on the left side of the video a car beginning to slow down, because the light has just turned red. Unfortunately a Lowes truck driver didn’t see the light turn red and plows through the intersection but before the truck could make it through, a car coming from the other direction SLAMS into the truck! This collision sends the truck on its side coming DIRECTLY towards the car with the dash cam.

After it’s all said and done, you can see the extensive damage done by this out of control truck. The red car that initially crashed into the truck can be seen and it doesn’t look good! What an insane crash! This is why people should always pay attention so stuff like this doesn’t happen!