Louisiana Man Rigs His Truck with a Flash-Bang to Scare Burglars

A series of burglaries has led one New Orleans man to take matters into his own hands in a somewhat unorthodox style of auto security that literally went off with a BANG.

After his lifted Chevy Silverado had been broken into six times in the last eight weeks, the truck’s owner decided to leave a surprise for the next burglar. By rigging a flash-bang into his truck’s center console, the trap successfully frightened off a would-be thief.

Surveillance video shows one man smashing the white Silverado’s window before attempting to burglarize the truck. A few seconds later, he sets off the flash-bang, causing the thief to flee into the getaway car.

While the truck’s owner feels a little better about replacing his window, police strongly recommend vehicle owners not to resort to these sorts of tactics as the flash-bang, though non-lethal, qualifies as an explosive device.

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