Looking To Buy American? Here Are The Most ‘American-Built’ Vehicles

If you’re looking for a new vehicle and hoping to keep your dollars here at home, it used to be buyers automatically went Ford, Chevy, or GM. However, that’s not the case anymore.

Cars.com released its American-Made Index and the front-runners might surprise you. The American-Made Index is provided to help shoppers interested in supporting the U.S. economy narrow it down with a list of the most American-made vehicles. After highlighting, at most, 10 models each year for most of its history, we expanded the list to 15 cars in 2019. With rising consumer interest in buying local amid the economic disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve accommodated a long-standing desire among AMI audiences: Now in its 15th year, Cars.com’s 2020 American-Made Index ranks all qualifying cars built in the country, not just the top finishers.


The 2020 index ranks 91 vehicles – including hybrid and plug-in variants as separate models.


The most “American-built” vehicle on the market right now is the 2020 Ford Ranger, built in Wayne, MI. Trailing the Ranger are the Jeep Cherokee out of Belvidere, IL and Tesla Model S manufactured in Fremont, CA.

What makes the Ranger #1? With increased U.S. parts sourcing for its 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine, the Ranger’s U.S. and Canadian parts content reached 70% for the 2020 model year, with majority-U.S. origins for its engine and transmission.

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