Longboarder vs Car – Ouch!

Longboarding seems a bit dangerous when you think about it but hey at least these guys were wearing their helmets! Not sure why they thought doing this on a busy road with traffic was a good idea but whatever.

The video starts off with a group of longboarders riding down a mountainous road. It looks pretty fun admittedly. Well, suddenly things take a drastic turn and it’s unclear why. The rider with the red shirt seems to lose control which then causes the rider with the white shirt to lose control and then they both go crashing to the ground! The red shirt rider narrowly misses crashing into the oncoming Volkswagen but the white shirt rider slides and crashes into the car! Wow, check out the braking power on that VW! Thankfully the driver saw this accident occur early on so they stopped in plenty of time to minimize the impact.

Luckily both riders seemed to be in good spirits after the whole ordeal and appeared to be uninjured. Maybe next time they’ll be a little more careful while longboarding so something like this doesn’t happen again. What do you think about this fail? Thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!