Lightning Strike Destroys Ford Super Duty Interior

Lightning Strike

The odds of being struck by lightning are minimal. No, really, the odds are one-in-15,300 of being struck in your lifetime, so the owner of this Ford Super Duty should consider going out and purchasing a lotto ticket. Now, we understand that these odds apply to humans and not objects, but it could have been much worse if the owner was in the truck.

In a story circling social media and first reported by The Drive, the violent lightning strike stole this Ford Super Duty’s soul. These instances do occur, albeit seldom and only to Ford trucks, but the pictures are a terrifying reminder of mother nature’s wrath.

The outside appears only to be a cracked windshield, but it’s so much more. When you look inside the truck, which we’d be afraid to get next to, even though lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice, the driver’s seat is a melted mess. The OP explained to The Drive that the Super Duty driver was elsewhere when the incident occurred.

The lightning struck with precision as it hit directly in the center, which widened the gap between the glovebox and HVAC controls. It literally melted the plastic, leaving it stretched and drooping from the overhead storage compartment. Anything the lightning touched was destroyed, as you might expect from 300 million volts.

Fortunately, the Ford Super Duty was parked at a dealership when the storm struck. Does that make them liable? With that said, had the owner been in the vehicle or driving down the road, a jolt that massive would have sent the truck spiraling out of control. There’s no way to know if the owner would have remained conscious and could navigate the vehicle, so again, lottery ticket?

The Facebook post has generated 49 thousand shares since making its way to social media. We can imagine how the owner is feeling right now. It’s that bittersweet feeling of “oh, I’m not dead” and “my truck is totaled!” Yeah, we’re okay sacrificing the truck. Objects can be replaced, your life? Not so much.

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