F-150 Destroyed After Lightning Hits Highway, Sends Chunk Of Road Flying

Just after 7:30 AM this morning, WCFR was dispatched to a traffic crash near mile marker 81 eastbound on I-10….

Posted by Walton County Fire Rescue, Florida on Monday, May 10, 2021

We’ve seen the Ford Lightning in a lot of headlines lately but what about a Ford that got taken out by lightning. Talk about a freak accident.

The Walton County Fire Rescue posted photos to Facebook that show a Ford F-150 with a completely demolished windshield. There’s a giant hole right in the center of the glass and it apparently went all the way through as the back glass is shattered as well.

The post states the object in question was a chunk of road from Florida’s Interstate 10 that lightning sent flying towards the truck during a storm. As you would imagine, hitting a big chunk of asphalt at highway speeds will do some serious damage.

At this time there aren’t photos of the road damage however, Walton County Fire Rescue reported that a hole the size of a dinner plate is missing from the roadway. Imagine a chunk of asphalt that size coming straight at you. Both people in the truck were taken to the hospital with reportedly non-life threatening injuries.

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