Lane Splitting Ends In A Disintegrated Bike and A Broken Wrist

This has to be the worst lane splitting fail ever! First of all, both of these motorcyclists are going WAY too fast, so that just leaves the door open for a potential disastrous wreck to occur.

We first see these two motorcyclists driving super fast and lane splitting on a busy interstate. They were obviously trying to avoid traffic and just get to where ever they were headed to a lot quicker. Judging by the video, it’s also obvious they’re going faster than the speed limit. Everything seems to be going their way for a while, until a red car suddenly changes lanes. This happens in like 1 second and with the bikes going as fast as they were, it left them with little room to react.

The yellow bike completely crashes in the rear of the red car which causes both the biker and his bike to go flying. The video description says although the bike was disintegrated, the biker survived with only a broken wrist. What a crash! Next time those bikers will probably be a little more careful when lane splitting and hopefully they slow down also. What do you think about this wild crash? Let us know in the comments!