Lamborghini Aventador Driving On Mountain Makes Terrible Decision

Anytime any type of supercar crashes, it really makes you cringe. The prices of these cars are so astronomical, that even a slightly damaged bumper or any type of small damage can cost hundreds if not thousands in repairs. The cost of the paint on these cars is usually extremely expensive due to being a highly unique color trademarked by the car company. Even minor scrapes, scratches or dents can cause a headache to any owner of these cars.

What’s seen in this video isn’t a terrible crash but a terrible decision. A Lamborghini Aventador is seen driving down a mountain road, when all of a sudden a van is suddenly in the way of the Lamborghini. Naturally, the Lamborghini tries to drive around the van, however the driver didn’t take in account of some bikers that were in the other lane, so in order to not hit the bikers, the Lamborghini had no choice but to crash into the van. The terrible decision here was the decision to try to pass the van, especially on such a small road like this. It definitely turned into a fail and probably an expensive one at that! What do you think about this?

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