Keep Your Garage Clean With The Grime Magnet

It’s always nice to have a clean workspace. But it can be tough to get spills and stains out, especially if they’re big quantity or have been there awhile. But Fast Orange has a new product that can help you out.

On this PowerNation Garage, Gannon shows you just how well Fast Orange’s Grime Magnet can help keep you and your workspace clean. And while it does the job it’s also small enough to keep in a drawer somewhere and is actually all-natural and safe to use on skin. Hesitant of it being up to the job of cleaning oil and other automotive fluids? The Grime Magnet was actually originally designed to clean up industrial oil spills. It can absorb up to 14x it’s weight in petroleum product so no job is too big!

It’s a must have for any gearhead that likes to wrench but also stay clean!