Jessi Combs Shows Us Where Her Passion Began in South Dakota

Jessi Combs always knew what she wanted to do with her life. Whether it was sharing scientific knowledge, fabricating or driving extreme machines, she was constantly pushing herself. Born in Rapid City, SD, her early years included rock-climbing, off-roading and trailblazing in the Black Hills Forest. The local topography undoubtedly influenced her interest in off-road vehicles.

Jessi always wanted to be a part of the automotive world and started her off-road adventures at a young age. According to her mother, she always did everything “above and beyond”. Whether it was tackling tough trails or setting land speed records.

One of her favorite off-road jaunts was Hal Johns, a 5+ rated trail only an hour away from her home. Jessie frequented this piece of land with her rock crawling friends Jason, Doc, Steve, and Dennie in his modified 1986 Toyota FJ60.

Watch this snippet of Xtreme 4×4 from 2006 and you will quickly see how Jessi’s enthusiasm and love of life inspired everyone around her, no matter what she was doing. 

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