Jessi Combs Killed in Record Breaking Attempt

It’s a sad day in the automotive world. 39-year-old TV personality, fabricator and driver, Jessi Combs, passed away while attempting to beat her own land speed record in a jet-powered, F-104 Starfighter converted into a land speed record challenger, the North American Eagle.

Combs set the women’s land speed record on October 9, 2013 with an official run of 398.95 mph, breaking the previously held record of of 308.51 mph held by Lee Breedlove. Dubbed the “Fastest Woman on Four Wheels”, she was attempting to exceed 512 mph according to a recent Instagram post.

Jessi was a host of Xtreme 4×4 on PowerBlock. She also appeared on Overhaulin’ , Mythbusters and All Girls Garage. Our hearts go out to her family during this difficult time.

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