Jeep Has Found The Cause Of Wrangler ‘Death Wobble’, Is Promising Free Fix

Photo courtesy of Jeep

Ahhh the death wobble. It’s an unwelcomed feeling whether you’re on a bike or in a truck. But Jeep thinks it may have found the cause and a solution.

The wobble occurs as a violent vibration during high speeds and is a common complaint among Jeep Wrangler owners. However, it’s also found in vehicles that feature solid front axles, mainly pickup trucks.

While the name suggests it’s a major issue, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has investigated the wobble in Jeeps specifically and determined it doesn’t pose a significant safety risk. There haven’t been any accidents or deaths linked to the wobble but that hasn’t stopped owners from filing complaints with automakers and the ever-popular social media.

Jeep has tracked the issue on the latest Wrangler to the steering damper, according to the Detroit Free Press. Jeep’s chief technical compliance officer, Mark Chernoby, has said that a design flaw allowed air to get in at cold temperatures, reducing vibration control at certain frequencies.

Although the damper has been reengineered, the automaker has issued technical service bulletins to dealers and Wrangler owners are being notified that they can have the part replaced for free.

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