This Guy Experienced The Death Wobble At 130 MPH, And Lived To Tell The Story

We’ve seen countless close calls on bikes that should’ve probably resulted in death but the rider somehow cheats it. But then we see a new video and it has us convinced it’s the craziest one yet.

This rider in Texas is lucky to be alive after he lost control of his sportbike while speeding through traffic at around 130 mph. On top of that, he miraculously managed to overcome the death wobbles to stay upright. And luckily for the internet, his riding partner caught the whole thing on video.

And if the speed and fact that he’s on the highway weren’t enough of a risk factor, the fact that he’s wearing virtually no protective gear is shocking. If you’re going to ride like that (which isn’t smart and pretty darn unsafe), then at least wear the correct clothes.

As the two fly down the highway, you can see the bike start to shake and his friend looks over to see him start the notorious death wobble. It continues for almost ten seconds and probably about 1000 feet as he fights to gain control of the bike. Against all odds, he’s eventually able to get it together and essentially save his own life!

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