Jeep Drives Up A Waterfall Like It’s No Big Deal

When doing some extreme off roading, you can encounter all kinds of obstacles. If you’re off roading out in the desert you have to worry about crazy sand dunes, boulders and maybe a cactus or two. If you’re off roading out in the woods, you have to worry about lots of trees, rocks, lakes and in this case, waterfalls.

This Jeep obviously isn’t intimidated by this waterfall and decides to just drive over it. Because why not? It’s just a bunch of rocks with water flowing down them. Obviously it was a bit difficult during the first few tries but the Jeep eventually makes it over the first set of rocks. After that, the Jeep seems to just make it right over the last few rocks and then presumably makes it to the top. That was awesome! Apparently even waterfalls are no match for a Jeep. It surprisingly didn’t even take that long for the Jeep to make it up this waterfall, which is just fascinating!

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