Jaguar Has A Steering Wheel That Talks To You

There’s a bunch of cars geared toward the future out there. And Jaguar’s latest concept car, Future-Type looks a lot like other concept cars out there aside from one main difference. They didn’t just make a concept car; Jaguar also made customers their own friend in the form of an artificially intelligent steering wheel that you take everywhere with you. Its name is Sayer and you can talk to it. No joke.

Some parts of this concept make sense. For example, if car sharing is going to be as big as they say, then being able to take your own settings, navigation history and music with you to use in any car you get into use is smart. Then again, all that information is just data and a lot of people already do that when they use their phone for music or navigation. So would you use an intelligent steering wheel or are you fine with keeping it all on another device?