It’s That Time! What Super Bowl LII Commercials Are You Looking Forward To?

The Super Bowl is known for the commercials almost as much as the football. Spots are running upwards of $5 million a spot this year, and for that much there better be good content right? Some of the top contenders we’ve seen so far are Lexus, Bud Light, and the M&M spot (although slightly odd). Automakers have traditionally saved their best stuff for the first weekend of February aka the most watched sporting event in America. This year, we see a teaser from Lexus above which features the Marvel’s Studio Black Panther movie.

Hyundai also leaked its spot featuring a kid’s soccer game and the new Kona:

And Kia has a spot featuring a penguin, Melissa McCarthy, and heated (or rather cooled) seats:

You can check out other favorites like the Bud Light, M&M, and Skittles below. Which ones are you looking forward to this Super Bowl weekend?