It’s Hot Enough in AZ For Postal Workers To Cook Steak In Mail Trucks

An Arizona State Representative is raising questions after a local postal worker showed that steaks could be cooked in mail trucks during the latest heatwave. Rep. Shawnna Bolick is asking for an investigation into what she describes as unsafe work conditions for postal service workers.

Bolick sent a letter to the President of the American Postal Workers Union, Mark Dimonstein, urging him to investigate reports of hazardous working conditions for mail carriers.

She says many of the workers do not have proper air condition in their vehicles, causing for unsafe conditions. A worker in Bolick’s district has sent her daily updates of temperature readings inside a mail carrier vehicle that averages 128 degrees.

The worker even used their dashboard to cook a steak to an internal temperature of 142 degrees to prove just how hot the vehicle gets.

There was no USPS representative available when reached for comment, but the following statement was sent:

“We want to emphasize the Postal Service works to protect its employees all year through a strong health and safety program. This includes instructions on messaging through the handheld carrier scanners, frequent service talks on recognizing heat illnesses and taking shade or hydration, and street supervision that checks on carriers during the day. Our letter carriers work hard and we appreciate that effort in all conditions.”

It’s reported that several Phoenix area postal service employees have been sent to the hospital recently for treatment after becoming disoriented on the job.

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