It’s A Motorcycle, No, It’s a Pontiac Fiero, No, It’s A What? (Video)

Pontiac Fiero Trike | YouTube: ViralHog

It’s a motorcycle, no, it’s a Pontiac Fiero, no, it’s a… Wait, we can’t answer that question. Whatever it is, it’s bizarre, and we’d like to thank our neighbors to the north for this eclectic mashup. In a video we found on YouTube, a driver in Alberta, Canada, spotted this part motorcycle, part Pontiac Fiero, towing a trailer down the highway.

The video describes how the vehicle uses a modified ladder frame platform from a bus. Yes, a bus, which is highly unusual, but we give an A for creativity and effort, because it’s certainly unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and we’d love to fly up north and hitch a ride. You can imagine how much attention this guy must get.

Pontiac Fiero Trike | YouTube: ViralHog

The front end is a motorcycle, and the rear is a Pontiac Fiero that was sliced in half. Since the, uh, “vehicle,” sits on a bus platform, it allows for three rows of seating behind the driver seat, which would be quite the experience. However, we’re not sure what’s powering it, so it’d be interesting to know how much weight it could handle. Enough to tow a tailer, we guess, but to be safe, better slow down on the maple syrup, eh.

If you’re the owner and see this, we’d like to sit down and talk with you and find out where your inspiration came for this creation. A multi-passenger bus platform on a trike is awesome, and it appears as though this one is professionally done. Whenever we find something well-built, it’s worth sharing to hopefully inspire other ideas.

If you have a crazy thought, let this be your inspiration. Better to become an internet sensation and go viral for an awesome build instead of anything else. Make sure to watch the video below and see for yourself how crazy this is because it’s unlike anything you’ll see for quite some time.

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