Isuzu Truck Driving Around With A Fire In The Truck Bed

Say what?

For real, how does this happen? First of all how and why did a fire randomly start in the back of this work truck while the driver was driving down the road? Second, how does the driver seriously not notice? You’d think that with all of the smoke going around everywhere the driver would get a hint that something was seriously wrong and would pull over but no, the driver just keeps on trucking like nothing is going on.

Maybe the driver thought the smoke was coming from the exhaust? This truck looks a bit older so maybe it already had a smoky exhaust system that was a constant problem, so any smoke coming from the back wouldn’t really raise any alarms with the driver. Regardless, even if that were the case, there’s a rear-view mirror that the driver could’ve easily looked in and seen a massive fire in the back of the truck bed. Maybe the truck didn’t have a rear-view mirror? Who knows! There’s honestly just too many questions about this weird situation. What do you think is going on here? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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