Is This The Worst Day Ever?

We’ve all had bad days where it seems like one bad thing leads to another and it just keeps getting worse and worse. Well the driver of this car is having a bad day when he opened up his door and unknowingly hits a moped driver. This is a perfect example of why you should always look in your side mirrors and check your blind spots before opening up your door if you’re parked on the street.

If knocking the moped driver over wasn’t enough, well it gets worse! The car driver gets out and it’s obvious he feels really bad about knocking the moped driver over and offers to help get his moped back up and sitting upright. He then accidentally turns the throttle which causes both him and the moped to go flying into the SUV in front of them. Now if this isn’t the worst day ever!

That conversation was probably pretty interesting. He had to apologize for not only hitting the moped driver with his door and knocking him over but also apologizing for the damage he probably caused when the moped went flying and crashed. You really feel bad for this guy because we’ve all had bad days before!