Intoxicated Woman In Stolen RV Leads Cops On Violent Chase

A woman in LA is making headlines after leading LAPD across town in a stolen RV. She is now in custody after damaging multiple vehicles, injuring at least three people, and causing injuries to two dogs.

The chase started around 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday. Police began following an RV for failure to yield when the RV took off, hitting speeds nearing 60 miles per hour. During that time, officials learned the RV was also stolen. Throughout the chase, the woman hit at least seven vehicles, leaving some of the other drivers hospitalized. The damage seen on the front passenger side was caused by a tree.

Along with hitting other drivers, the RV driver had two dogs on board who eventually jumped off the moving RV. Police reportedly recovered the animals and sent them to a veterinarian for care.

The chase slowed down as the driver lost control at a left-hand turn. The woman then reportedly attempted to flee the scene by on foot where police tackled her, handcuffed and sent her away in an ambulance.

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