Is The Tesla Cybertruck’s Design an Eye-Catcher or an Eyesore?

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted in Fremont, CA via Reddit
Tesla Cybertruck Spotted in Fremont, CA via Reddit

As many eagle-eyed customers patiently await the arrival of the Tesla Cybertruck, it has gone through significant changes and upgrades before its official debut on the market, which is expected to be released in Q3 of 2023. Many of those changes involve the dimensions of the overall vehicle, reinforcing its windows and door panels, etc.

However, during a test on public roads near its factory in Fremont, CA, images of the Tesla Cybertruck surfaced online on a Reddit post. Pictured next to a bicyclist and a double-decker bus, viewers are able to gauge the approximate size of the truck. But what really has people buzzing is the Cybertruck’s design, eliciting an even mix of positive and negative reactions from the online community.

Spotted in Fremont
by u/ajaysns in teslamotors

Why People Are Loving The Tesla Cybertruck

Ever since CEO Elon Musk first revealed the Tesla Cybertruck concept model in November 2019, the internet has been obsessed with it. One reason is that the truck does not have a single rounded edge in its triangular-like theme. Made entirely from cold-rolled stainless steel, the entire truck looks like nothing else on the market, potentially paving the way for a new age of vehicles that draw inspiration from futuristic/sci-fi films to the modern day. According to Tesla designer Franz Von Holzhausen, the stainless steel is 3mm thick, which is dense enough that it cannot be folded into any shape.

The truck is also expected to serve as a fully-functional pickup truck with a range of 250-500 miles, off-road capability, and a 14,000-pound towing capacity.

“Still 4 years later, seeing this thing gets me pumped,” writes one Reddit user.

“Can’t wait to see what customizations [people] do once these hit the road,” writes another.

Why People Dislike The Tesla Cybertruck

Much like any polarized topic, there will be people that love it, and there will be people that are disgusted by it. Once these photos of the Cybertruck surfaced, the most common critique was that many people view it as “ugly.”

While it could be the unflattering angle from which the images were taken, the front end of the truck has been frequently described as “snub-nosed” and “stubby.”

“I want to like it so much. I really want a truck or large SUV Tesla. This just ain’t it for me,” says one Reddit user.

“Wow that is one ugly truck. I was hoping I would start to like it the more I see it, but it hasn’t happened yet.”

“It’s a heckin’ chonker alright.”

Can Ugly Vehicles Sell?

As we’ve seen time and time again, a car’s visual aesthetics are a big selling point for most customers. The Pontiac Aztek has built the reputation of being one of the ugliest vehicles in recent history, and its performance in the market reflects that. In other words, people won’t buy ugly cars.

However, the Tesla Cybertruck could be an exception to the rule. We’ve all heard the phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” So for some eager customers, the truck’s flat and straight, Blade Runner aesthetics could be what seals the deal. A design statement unseen on any other vehicle being sold today.

“So ugly that I want it,” writes one Reddit user. “It’s hideous and I’m a moth to a flame.”

Tesla has been testing the truck all around the factory grounds and they even released a teaser video of its crash test to the public on April 1st (teased being the keyword). With four years of anticipation and a scheduled release by the end of 2023, an “ugly” vehicle could take the market by surprise.

The truck is just the latest to be seen driving around on public roads. Tesla has also been testing it on the grounds of its factory, and has released a teaser of the first crash test it will be willing to share with the public. Tesla promised that the Cybertruck will be revealed before the end of this year, and all of the activity surrounding it serves to suggest that that will, indeed, be the case.

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