Interesting Tug Of War: M35A2 Military Truck vs Front End Loader

Tug of war is a classic competition between two vehicles who aim to see who’s the strongest. You’ve seen so many videos of trucks in tug of war competitions, which usually end up being a wildly debated and controversial result. You’ve also probably seen videos of just regular cars engaged in a game of tug of war and even semi trucks doing it too! What’s funny about these types of competitions is that so many things can go wrong and there are also so many different factors involved during the whole process, which leads to controversial outcomes sometimes.

Something you don’t see everyday though is a military truck vs a front end loader! Both are amazingly powerful vehicles, although for different purposes. In this video you see a M35A2 military truck vs a front end loader in a game of tug of war. What’s surprising is that nobody really wins, it’s a tie! Both vehicles seemed to be really digging into the dirt also, giving it all of their power. What a pretty fun matchup to see! What do you think about this? Do you have any opinions or thoughts about the outcome? Let us know in the comments what you think about it!