Instant Karma for Car Trying to Bypass Traffic

Well this is a fail!

Traffic is terrible anywhere you go. The long lines, people pulling out in front of you, sudden braking, etc. It’s all enough to cause enough frustration and anger to just drive around traffic all together to avoid waiting there so long. Well, that’s precisely what this guy in Russia decided to do.

While waiting in a line of cars in traffic, this car decided to just drive through the median through the grass to bypass everyone. It didn’t go so well though. They apparently didn’t see the rocks in the way or they just assumed they could just drive right over them. After struggling initially to drive over the rocks, the car gets his front wheels over but soon comes to a complete stop when the back wheels get stuck on a rock. So embarrassing! The person driving the car probably wished they just toughed it out and stayed in traffic. This is a great example of why you should never try to bypass traffic, especially driving in a median or grassy area. It could result in a crash or like this person, stuck on a rock somewhere. What do you think of this fail?