In Hopes Of Being Home To A Tesla Factory, Tulsa Dresses Up Massive Statue To Look Like Elon Musk

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has been the topic of discussion for a majority of 2020 between his new baby, Twitter rants, stance on COVID-19, and lawsuits with Alameda County. The latest round of “Elon news” is creepy though, at best.

The residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma are targeting Tesla in hopes of being home to the Cybertruck mill. So this week, an icon in Tulsa, the shirtless Golden Driller statue was altered to resemble Elon Musk. How? A massive red Tesla logo was added to the chest along with “Tesla” written across the belt. If that wasn’t enough, the face was completely re-painted to look like Musk.

This now makes the fifth-tallest statue in the entire United States a gigantic Elon Musk. Nothing is surprising in 2020!

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