Imagine Having A Ship Horn On Your Car

Recently we posted a video that showed the “nicest” car horn out there from a person who believes regular car horns can be too aggressive. Now in this video, this horn definitely doesn’t sound too nice! It sounds AWESOMELY LOUD! This is one of those horns you would need when you definitely need to get your point across. Why is it so loud? Well it’s actually a ship horn! The exact type of horn is a Leslie Tyfon 425-DVE and this thing is LOUD!

Imagine driving down the road with a ship horn on your car? Now that’s intense! Obviously this is not something that would ever be allowed but it’s still a funny thought! If you’ve ever heard a ship horn in the distance you know how loud it can be and how it just radiates throughout the sky. According to the video description, this horn actually SHAKES the ground! Now that’s wild! This makes train horns look kind of sad to be honest! What a pretty neat video. What do you think about this crazy ship horn? Do you have any thoughts or opinions about this video? Let us know in the comments what you think about it!