If You Like Engine Block Tables, Check This Out!

We've all seen the tables made from engine blocks, heck we have one here at the office in the lobby! And they're awesome, but this table is a one of a kind. The original description from the eBay post is " Original Campagnolo Lamborghini Miura Colani Wheels 15x10 Magnesium Coffee Table ". The seller also wrote:

Gargantuan coffee table made with a piece of Italian exotic cars history For the true Lamborghini aficionado Super rare and probably impossible to find pair of original Lamborghini Miura magnesium wheels made in Italy by Campagnolo massive size 15 inch in diameter by 10 inch wide. I purchased these wheels several years ago here in Southern California along with a number of other rare wheels all for Italian exotic cars of the 60s and 70s The wheels are made out of magnesium which I tested them They are marked in the back campagnolo and 40443 BF The old gentleman that sold me the wheels told me that at one point in time they could have been modified or they seem to have been modified I do not know whether they were factory modified or not There are some speculations that they were a prototype rear wheels made for the Jota Miura prototype or might have been out of the Luigi Colani's Miura LeMans Prototype Regardless it is an amazing pair of Miura wheels in excellent condition for the age that seem to have very little wear with splines in great condition and almost no signs of wear. I purchased the wheels with the intention to make a coffee table out of them I changed the hub bolts and put some chrome acorn nuts just to make it more striking looking Although I do have the original 3/4 moon original bolts that came with it. While the center hub spline is in excellent condition and can be used and swapped if you have a damaged one I believe the front and rear are exactly the same Also a number of early Lamborghini Espada use the same hub the wheels itself should be tested should the buyer decide to put them back on a car. When I purchased them the magnesium was in excellent condition although they still are 40 some years old wheels. The spinners are not original but they look great for display purpose I also put matching the air valve caps I put an original Lamborghini hood emblem on the glass Glass is included in the auction only if there will be a local pick up since the glass weighs over 100lbs I will although include another Lamborghini hood emblem with heavy duty adhesive back With Miuras reaching the million mark original Campagnolo wheels this size are virtually impossible to find Local inspection is very welcome or if any additional questions i can be reached via ebay message. Local pick up or shipping to all continental USA flat fee $260 Tires are included size is PRO-TRAC Tubeless 375/60/15

We are all over this table! To check out the actual listing you can go here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Campagnolo-Lamborghini-Miura-Colani-Wheels-15x10-Magnesium-Coffee-Table-/231972383785?hash=item3602a1ac29:g:OBEAAOSwQupXV4i7&vxp=mtr&afsrc=1&rmvSB=true


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