If You Drive This Car, You’re More Likely To Get A Ticket

Drivers of certain models tend to have more speeding tickets. So to find out which vehicle that is, Insurify conducted a study that has determined which models have the highest percentage.

The study took a look at more than 1.6 million quote requests, which required applicants to disclose if they had a speeding ticket on their record.

In total, 11.28% of respondents said that they did.

The biggest repeat offender was Subaru WRX drivers. They had a score of 20.12 percent. Following up in second place was Scion FR-S drivers with 19.09%, Volkswagen GTI drivers came in third with 16.92%, and Hyundai Genesis Coupe drivers taking fourth with 15.75 percent.

The rest of the list is mainly made up of trucks and Jeeps with the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in fifth at 15.35% and the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty pickup 15.32% in sixth.

Rounding out the top ten are the Dodge Dart with 14.86%, Infiniti G37 with 14.72%, the Subaru Impreza (14.66% and the Hyundai Veloster coming in last with 14.48 percent.

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