Idris Elba Takes On Ken Block Behind The Wheel

Actor vs. Pro Driver. Idris Elba vs. Ken Block.

Although Elba has played in his fair share of action movies, can he keep up with the infamous Gymkhana driver when it comes to getting behind the wheel?

Elba is no rookie when it comes to cars, though. He’s hosted several automotive shows and set the U.K. record for the Flying Mile in a car at 174.8 mph in 2015. And while that’s impressive, can he keep up with the stunts and speed Block deals with every day?

“Elba vs. Block” is a short-form video on the platform Quibi, which pits him against Ken Block across eight episodes. The mini-series will test their skills from everything like jumping over a row of cars while towing a camper to taking on the Wall of Death.

Even though Block has an extensive resume of building obstacles with Gymkhana, he said he wasn’t involved in planning the stunts for the show so there will be no advantages.

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