How Yamaha Is Keeping Public Land Open To 4-Wheelers And Dirt Bikes

Yamaha has been doing its part in helping the off-road community. The Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative has been working with volunteers across the country for the past decade to promote safe, responsible use of off-highway vehicles along with educations people on recreational land use so that people can have fun while not ruining the parks they enjoy.

Since it’s getting harder and harder to find places to go off-roading (legally) Yamaha decided why not try and protect the land while still making it available to the public for anything from side-by-sides to snowmobiles. They’ve spent $3 million dollars on over 300 projects in order to build bridges and protect various riding and hunting areas. So, if your club needs funds or you know a park that needs help, reach out to Yamaha OAI.