How to SUPER CLEAN your Engine Bay

Engine bays can get REALLY dirty over time. The longer you drive your car, the dirtier it will get and that can unfortunately make the engine bay look pretty gross and nobody wants that! Whether you’re trying to get your car show ready or you just want your engine bay to look better, there are some pretty neat ways to get it back in great shape! Thankfully there are plenty of helpful ways out there to make sure everything looks good as new again!

YouTube user ChrisFix has a lot of great automotive How-To videos and this particular video goes into great detail on how to “super clean” your engine bay! Anytime you’re deep cleaning something it’s going to take quite a while, especially if you haven’t cleaned it in a long time or if you’ve never cleaned it before at all. Fortunately if you want to deep clean your engine bay, it’s not a very difficult task but does require some time to complete. So if you have a Saturday free and want to make your engine bay super clean, this how to video can definitely be helpful!

Do you have any engine bay cleaning tips of your own you’d like to share? Let u know in the comments!

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