How To Remove Factory Badges

Project vehicles can require a lot of cash. So here’s one modification you can do that won’t cost you hardly any cash (or any depending on what you have in your garage. Removing factory emblems and badges can really clean up the look of your ride. However, it is all about personal preference.

On newer vehicles, the badges are put on using double-sided tape so taking them off is no problem. On some older vehicles, they’re actually bolted on so if you remove them there will be holes underneath. You’ll just want to do your research and see how the badges on your vehicle are attached.

The tools you’ll need for this project are a heat gun, fishing line, and wax & grease remover. First, you want to heat up the badge you want to remove which will soften and loosen up the double-sided tape. Then quickly take the fishing line and slide it through the tape as close as possible to the paint. The closer you get to the paint, the less adhesive you’ll have to remove.

To remove the leftover adhesive, there are a few techniques. Take some wax & grease remover on a paper towel and hold it to the adhesive for about a minute to loosen it up. You could also use the heat gun to continue to loosen the adhesive but you want to be careful you don’t melt the paint. The easiest option is to use an eraser wheel if you have one.

After a few minutes and no money spent you have a new look to your ride!

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