How To Mount And Balance Tires

The guys from Coats where nice enough to come demo the new equipment we got from them so Jeremy and Eliza are working with the tilt-back tire machine and the balancer.

The APX 90E was designed to clamp rims between 9″ and 30″. To get started you clamp the rim with grip-max clamps that are nylon protected and then lift your wheel on top. Lean the tire back a bit so the tilt-back machine to get in position and then basically let the machine go to work!

Once you’ve mounted your tire to the rim, you’ll want to balance it. You’ll want to set the correct weight, type of rim, and then follow the directions on the screen. The first reading will be the diameter, then lower the hood to get the width dimension using sonar. Then a laser will show you where on the rim to place the weight for corrections.

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