How To Make A Cover For A Transmission Tunnel

When XOR cut the top off the transmission tunnel to make room for the new 4R70W in the Ranger, they needed to make a new cover to accommodate the space. So here is a quick way to not only cover the transmission but also keep the dirt out of the cab when on the trails.

First, you need to straighten out the stamped compound curve in the leftover side of the tunnel. That allows you to make a seamless transition between the existing floor and the new sheet metal cover. Now it’s time to make the new one!

Find the center line of the sheet metal. If you have a slip roller available, it comes in handy as it bends the metal into an arc as the sheet is rolled back and forth. As the top rollers tighten, it decreases the radius of the bend. Next, trim the excess so you can test fit the cover and adjust. Then trim for correct length using a caliper set to the correct length to score the lines. An electric shear makes cutting a breeze.

Use a drill and clecos to fasten it before using sheet metal screws to secure it. Working from one side to the other shape the cover with a body hammer. You can make relief cuts in the bottom for a better form on the flat portion of the floor plan. Once the cover is where it’s supposed to be, remove it and use a bench vice to flatten the sides to meet up with the original tunnel.

*Note: for our platform, this is for function only as it’s a race truck and a custom dash and console will cover it.

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