How To Land A Drone Aircraft With No Runway: The SkyHook Recovery System

With each day passing, technology keeps advancing further and further into the future. Along with the advancement of commercially available drones, military aircraft drones also continue to become more advanced. Drone aircraft, like other types of aircraft, usually need a runway to land. This can not only be costly but also inconvenient in areas where terrain won’t allow for runway use.

There is now a unique drone recovery system known as “The SkyHook.” At first glance, it looks as though the drone gets tangled up in some sort of rope but instead, it seems as though a sophisticated “lasso” system is in play here. In this video, Marines launch and recover a RQ-21A Blackjack aircraft on the USS San Diego. The “SkyHook” system looks to be fairly simple, yet advanced at the same time. It was designed to eliminate not only runways but also nets for catching drone aircraft during military operations. As the future keeps progressing, not only are drone aircraft getting more advanced but the way they operate is changing also.

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