How To Install An Oxygen Sensor

Since the XOR team is running a fuel injected Coyote motor in the PreRunner Ranger, there are a few things they have to consider when installing the exhaust. The first is finding the correct location for 2 oxygen sensors and also how to weld two pieces of pipe together seamlessly.

A tip for holding the pipe together perfectly straight while working under your work is to grab a piece of angle iron, slide on two hose clamps, and tighten them down. By keeping the exhuast tube perfectly aligned, it makes welding a whole lot easier. A general rule of thumb, as the pipe size gets bigger, use a bigger piece of angle iron.

When it comes to placing the oxygen sensors, the bunghole needs to be in the collector which takes the reading from all 4 of the exhaust tubes. Drill a hole and weld around it 100% so it seals and doesn’t throw off the reading of your oxygen sensors. Be sure to use anti-seize on the threads and torque it down to the recommended specs.

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