How To Install A Traction Bar Kit

In the Truck Tech shop, the guys picked up a unique new traction bar design from Mcgaughys. It completely kills the axle wrap and wheel hop but it’ll still allow the suspension to freely cycle which gives you a nice smooth ride.

It starts with a bracket that attaches to the rear axle. It bolts right around the tube. Attached to it is a fabricated, laser cut, and box welded link. On the other end is the swing shackle with the rubber snubber. As the link pushes forward, the snubber makes contact with the frame which completely kills any swinging motion. The swing design, however, still allows a nice smooth ride when you’re just cruising down the road.

To get started, bolt on the axle brackets. THey bolt on around the tube just inside the leaf springs. The bar is then slid into the bracket with the angel side up for maximum ground clearance. Next, install the swing shackle and snubber and get a rough idea where it will land on the frame. Our application requires a bit of trimming on the cab mount.

Lower the truck and put all the weight on the suspension to install everything in its proper operating range. With holes marked, lift the truck back in the air and drill them out.

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