How To Get The Perfect Soldering Joint

No matter if you’re under the hood, under the dash, or underneath your ride, here’s how you can get that perfect soldering joint. If you need that extra set of hands here’s a tool that can help you out.

To start you’ll need two (2) alligator clips and some excess wire from your welder wire gun. Once you tie the two clips together you can then put it either underneath your dash to help hold two wires together or put it in a vice to hold wires together.

What you want to do is fray each wire’s end, push them together, and give them a twist. This is the mechanical connection of the splice. The solder is just there to keep the wires bounded together.

When it comes to soldering wire, pick the right tool for the job. For this job, we’re using a butane soldering torch. The first thing you want to do is fire the torch up to give the tip time to heat up. Make sure to clean the tip off before starting a new project. Once it’s clean and warm, put a bit of solder on it. That’s called tinning your tip. To solder, wipe it clean one more time. Rather than putting the soldering iron on top of the wire, the correct way is to put the soldering iron on the bottom.

Last but not least, be sure to protect the connection you just made. If you’re underneath your vehicle make note to put the heat shrink on first.

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