How To Get A 390 HP Engine With 370 Lb-Ft of Torque Without Building Your Own!

Are you hoping to have your project vehicle done in time to drive this spring but don’t have the time to build a complete engine for it? BluePrint Engines has a solution for you.

BluePrint Engines founder, Norris Marshall, started the business over twenty years ago building performance engines for local racers whether it was for the circle track, drag racing, or street rodders. Fast forward to today, and the company has since built over 200,000 engines for cars and light trucks.

BluePrint Engines is out of Kearney, NE and is one of the world’s top crate engine companies. Most crate engines usually don’t come with much, but the premium crate engines at BluePrint come complete with a fuel system, ignition system, plugs, wires, water pumps, and fuel pumps. Customers can also choose between forged or cast components on most models offered. Every engine that leaves the plant with an oil pan on is dyno tested and ready to go!

If you are looking for the perfectly reliable engine to stuff inside the engine bay of that project, check out BluePrint Engines. They are a solid, standup company that proudly stands behind their product, and they possess the passion and knowledge to build you exactly what you need to finally finish that project.

Engine Power hosts, Mike and Pat, have run several BluePrint Engines in the shop on different projects, and for good reason! They’re well designed, reliable, and perfect for the builder who wants to save the time that it takes to spec out and build their own.

Last year, the guys helped Factory Five build their ’35 Hot Rod Pickup, which was powered by the BluePrint 306 CI small block Ford. It made 390 horsepower and 370 lb.-ft. of torque. To stay with the hot rod theme, triple Strombergs delivered the fuel. This truck ran like a top!

For more information about BluePrint Engines and all of the options available for sale, visit

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