How To Easily Remove Slag

If you cut out custom pieces in your shop there are a few different options on how you make those cuts. You can use a regular cutoff wheel, a plasma cutter, or a regular torch. However, if you use either of the torches, you’ll have slag left on the edge of the metal. Here are some quick ways to get rid of that slag so you don’t waste a bunch of time.

First up is a regular hammer and chisel. Be sure to wear your safety glasses as slag will fly everywhere. Simply set the chisel on the edge of the slag, give it a few taps and it should be able to break off.

Next up is a chipper hammer. It’s essentially the same thing as the hammer and chisel, just combined into one tool.

You can also use a set of files. If it’s a good, clean file it should cut through rather quickly. This method takes longer but when finished will be perfectly smooth.

A regular grinder with a flap disk will cut through fairly quick but you may run through a couple disks.

The last method is to just use a regular hammer. Slag is just a small pool of metal that ended up on your piece when you finish cutting. So if you pound directly on the corner of where the slag is sitting it will come clean off.

With the edge nice and clean you can then straighten it out with your flap disk on your grinder and touch it up or use a belt sander. A belt sander is a great piece to have in your shop. Once your piece is clean you can now start welding!

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