How To Do A Burnout With A Manual Transmission

Disclaimer: Burnouts may damage your car. Perform at your own risk!

Everyone has seen the tire roasting awesomeness of a huge burnout either in person or in videos. Performing a perfect burnout can be a little more complex than it seems. A lot of professional race car drivers can successfully pull off a perfect burnout because they have been doing it for years.

But what about a regular car enthusiast? What would the steps be to do a burnout the right way?

It is easier to do a burnout in an automatic transmission because you can just press on the gas with the right foot, lightly press the brakes with the left to keep from moving, and let the tires roast.

When you’re trying to do one in a manual transmission, a few more steps are involved.

Below are the proper steps to do a burnout in a manual transmission:

Step 1: Press in the clutch.

Step 2: Put the car in first gear

Step 3: Rev up the engine, get to the proper RPM to keep the tires moving and not stall (this will be lower in a V8 than in a 4 banger)

Step 4: Dump the clutch.

Step 5: Immediately position your left foot onto the brake which will keep you from moving

To get it just right, it will take a lot of practice to figure out what RPM the engine should start at and also how much power you should give to the gas pedal and brake to hold the car in place.

Also, you should be aware that your tires are extremely hot after a burnout. For example, after a 40-second burnout, your tire temperature is over 320 degrees Fahrenheit!

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