How To Choose The Right Blade For The Job

If you’re doing fabrication, chances are you’ll need to do some cutting. And has all the right tools depending on what you’re working on!

The workhorse chopsaw, Q1400, can cut tubing up to 5 1/8″ at 1300 rpm. There’s very little sparking and leaves you with a tube that needs very little prep.

The Trajan 125 Bandsaw can cut all types of steel up to 5″ and is easy to transport. It runs on standard 120 volt power and uses standard length blades.

For smaller pieces the Q700 is the best choice. It’s size makes it easy to use just about anywhere and can work on steel up to 2″ thick. The 7″ Carbide tip is designed to last up to 20 times longer! For more information and options head to!

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