How To Build A Spare Tire Carrier

It’s always good to have a spare tire, especially heading out on the trails. So of course, you need a way to carry that tire with you. Before you get started you’ll want to see how much your wheel and tire weigh. A lot of times the stock carriers on your rig won’t be able to hold the beefier off-road tires for your rig.

For our carrier, we’re starting with two support tubes that are bent to 25º that will not only carry the weight of the spare but will shift the weight of the tire forward and over the rear axle. In addition, these tubes will raise the spare out of the Jeep’s tube giving room for trail gear.

A leftover U-bolt plate comes in handy and will serve as a platform for the tire mount itself. Not only is this new carrier functional for holding the tire but save space as well!

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