How To Be A World Leader In Brakes, Model 3 vs. C7, Embarrassing Road Rage, Ford Trail Control, And Rare ATS Scrapes

Today on PND…
• What It Takes To Be One Of The Leading Brake Manufacturers
• A Tesla Model 3 Performance Crushes A C7 At The Drag Strip
• An Embarrassing Case Of Road Rage Shuts Down A Highway
• Ford Releases Details On Its Trail Control
• And A Rare ATS GT Is Caught Scraping Its Front Bumper

EBC England Trip
You probably know EBC Brakes best for its automotive platform. But with over 30,000 SKUs available, the company headquartered in the U.K., has provided brakes for everything from earth movers to wind farm equipment to, get this, even the first Bat Mobile!

The company was started in 1983 by Andy Freeman and his passion for motorcycles. From there the company turned into a world leader in disk brake and pad production providing brakes for just about anything that moves. Whether you’re looking for a track-day component, something for your daily driver or simply want to improve aesthetics EBC Brakes does it all! In fact, a two-piece floating brake disc has just been launched for performance vehicles.

Tesla Speed
It’s no secret the instant torque on electric vehicles is impressive. You just can’t beat it. And this Tesla Model 3 Performance is another example of that. It lines up with a C7 Corvette and once it leaves the line you don’t see the C7 again! With a top speed of 155 MPH and a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds, it’s hard to beat! You can check out the full video here.

Road Rage
There is almost never a scenario where road rage ends well. Take these guys for example. It’s not clear where this video happened or the event that caused them to get out and start swinging at each other. But whatever it was got them riled up enough to be shirtless, in the middle of the street, stopping all traffic around them. One guy even proceeds to throw the other guy over the barricade. Although it looks like a bridge, it apparently isn’t that deep as he climbs right back over and starts it up again. You can find the full video here.

Raptor Trail Control
Ford has released details on the new Trail Control feature that will be available on 2019 F-150 Raptors. It’s similar to cruise control but for off-road settings and only in 4WD mode. Once you activate it you can adjust it anywhere from 1-20 MPH. The uses for the setting include better throttle control, climbing over objects, and digging out of sand, mud, etc. Do you think it’s a nice feature or do you prefer to drive/control the rig yourself on the trail?

ATS Scrape
When you have a 1 of 12 supercars, you don’t want a scratch on it. Much less a handful of them from scraping the pavement. So hopefully the guy behind the wheel of this ATS GT is the owner, otherwise, he has a lot of explaining (and probably paying) to do! Someone saw the car out on the roads and caught the moment it was too low to leave the parking lot without scraping the front bumper…ouch.

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